Completed projects

Mabna Construction Group

This company was established in 1986 and today, after 32 years, is proud to use cutting edge science and creative experts in order to create a new wave in constructing residential, office, and commercial projects. It is at the forefront of the construction industry in Iran and one of the most successful in improving this sector in the country. Through benefiting from the most modern technologies and experts in various fields such as architecture, civil engineering, and computer, this group is able to construct uniquely smart buildings. It should be noted that within this company, the economic feasibility of projects, improved investment, proper return on investments, payment coordination, speed, quality, etc. for the investor or buyer have been logically and scientifically defined. It can be arguably claimed that this is the truest definition of project management, something that is quite rare. Mabna Group is currently seeking its goals through the construction of residential, commercial, and office buildings and also cultural and sport centers in Tehran and Alborz provinces. These projects cover an area of approximately 150,000 square meters. Client satisfaction, dynamic management and recognizing opportunities along with the highest efficiency during the construction period are the key goals of the Mabna Construction Group

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