Mabna 10

The latest residential project begun by Mabna Construction Group is called Mabna 10. This project is being built on a 5000-square-meter piece of land. It contains 73 residential units arranged in a minimal, modern and dynamic design in 3 5-floor and one 3-floor blocks. Mabna 10 is a luxurious and beautiful residential project which, like all other prjects by Mabna Construction Group, enjoys a high quality of design and execution. Its pleasant beauty and various amenities will give its residents peace of mind and perpetual enjoyment. The façade of the buildings has been designed based on the principles of modern architecture. A special style of parametric design, in addition to the use of minimalist materials such as wood, bricks, and cement, and also attention to the concepts and principles of Persian architecture give a unique face to this project. An entrance space inspired by Sassanid architecture (Tāq Kasrā) with a height of 7 meters gives the viewer an impression of the grandeur and magnificence of Persian architecture. The extensiveness of the original piece of land ad the special design of the project give the resident of the complex the opportunity to enjoy many amenities such as a specially-designed landscaping, in-site children’s playground, conference room, gym, pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, and roof garden.

Special features
• Swimming pool

• Green space and landscaping

• CCTV and monitoring

• Multifunctional Meeting Hall

• Green space of the roof

• My 24-hour security and lobby
Introduction of profile
• Employer and Moderator: mabna Building Group

• Designer: Iman rokhi
• Project Manager: Farshad Fereydouni

• Land area: 6000 square meters

• Total infrastructure: 14000 square meters

• Number of floors: 5

• Number of units: 73

• Number of parking: 73

• The area of the gym and the pool: 80 square meters

• Structural Type: Concrete Skeleton

• Facade type: A combination of bricks, cement, sheet metal and wood

• Heating and Cooling System: Split Duct (Infrastructure)

Address: Karaj, Mehrshahr, Eram Blvd., Koie Mehr, Tahmaneh, Basin Residential Complex 10
Total number 8 + 2