Mabna 1

The residential/commercial project of Mabna 1 opened a new chapter in the history of Mabna construction Company. Speed of execution, use of light and modern material, and moving towards the industrialization of construction are among the parameters which were added to the principles followed by Mabna Group in building unique buildings only after the inception of this project. The implementation of this project was begun in 2009 and was finished in 2011. This project is located on Mehrshahr’s 111st street and contains a commercial part and a residential one. The commercial part houses 45 stores in two floors. Knauf ceilings, pleasant lighting, use of imported ceramics to cover the floors and walls, wide corridors and proper division of spaces are among the outstanding characteristics of this project. The wide entrance of the building allows people to see all the ground floor stores and part of the first floor stores from the first moment they enter. The use of motion sensor-equipped escalators makes going to the first floor quite easy. The residential part contains 40 units. These units are two-and-three bedroom apartments with areas of 100,120, 130, and 180 square meters. The natural lighting of units comes from north and south. The façade of the building is of the dry (composite) type which, in addition to being light, creates a modern and creative impression.

Special features

• special features

• residential and official seperate access

• residential and official seperate parking

• 24/7 security guard

Introduction of profile

• employer and executor:Mabna construction group

• designer:Hamidreza zandi

• project manager:farshad fereidooni

• site area:2000m2

• useful infrastructure

• residential units number:40

• official units number:45

• parking number:155in two floors

• structure type: concrete

• facade type :composite and frameless

• cooling and heating system:duct split

Total number 7 + 9