Mabna 8

The unique location of Danesh Boulevard in Mehrshahr’s Phase 1, namely its easy access to other parts and its pleasant climate due to its proximity to the Apple Orchard, and also its unencumbered view, were the reasons why this location was chosen for the implementation of Mabna 8 project. This project, which is located at the beginning of Danesh Boulevard and at a short distance from Mabna 4 project, was begun in 2017 and at present its façade is being finished. A unique and creative design, which is unrivaled in the area, in addition to its location, has made this project very special. It is due to theae reasons that the project stands out from among the surrounding buildings. Mabna 8 contains 750 square meters of commercial space with a 6-meter-high ceiling and another 28 office units. Access through a staircase and a lift for each part of office units (3 staircases and 2 lifts in all), a dynamic and modern façade, a green roof, perpetual view over the Apple Orchard and green farms in that area, extensive commercial space with a 6-meter-high ceiling, use of pre-fabricated Knauf walls to divide interior spaces, a conference room, luxurious entrance and exit lobbies, high and wide windows, admittance of natural light into all units, video intercoms, automatic fire alarm and fire extinguisher, separate parking areas for commercial and office units, and a duct split air-conditioning system are among the characteristics of this project.

Special features


• 24/7 security guard and lobbyman

• automatic alarm and fire extinguisher

• commercila and official seperated parking

• roof garden

Introduction of profile

• employer and executor:Mabna construction group

• designer:Koosha Faraz Parsian Consulting Office

• project manager:farshad fereidooni

• site area:2000m2

• infrastructure:6600m2

• official units number:28

• official part area:750m2

• parking number:80

• structure type: concrete

• cooling and heating system:duct split

Total number 2 + 8