Mabna 11

Mabna 11 Residential Complex is the latest project by Mabna Construction Group. The site of this incredible complex is located at 115th St., one of the best neighborhoods of Chahar Bandi Ave. of Phase 1 of Mehrshahr. The project is inclusive of eight blocks, each with five storeys. The ground floors of the blocks are allocated to commercial and cultural units; floors one to five host residential units and 1st to 3rd underground floors are dedicated to parking area. The height luxurious lobbies of the blocks is 5 meters; multi-purpose halls, dedicate swimming pool and gyms for men and women, parking area for guests and carwashes are among other features of the project. Positioning of blocks in the site allows sidewalks to pass through the blocks and connect adjacent sidewalk and green space of the site. The sidewalk connection between common areas of the blocks with surrounding urban spaces promoted security and life in the residential areas. Landscaping and green spaces implemented in both the site of the project and balconies of apartments, recreates Bagh Shahr of Mehrshahr which with its white architecture, is one of the most prominent historical landmarks of the area.

Special features

• Urban Development Aspects 

• Inspired by the design of Bagh Shahr of Mehrshahr;

• Implementing green space and landscaping in various areas of the site;

• Connection between residential areas, urban area and green spaces;

• Urban plaza design;

• Connection of sidewalks of the project to green spaces and building blocks

• Horizontal positioning of blocks and avoiding construction of skyscrapers to preserve traditional urban design of Mehrshahr;

• Avoiding construction of skyscrapers to preserve traditional architecture of Mehrshahr .

• 24/7 security watch and lobby man.

• Automatic fire alarm and extinguisher system .

• Integrated ducted split air conditioning system.

• East plaza design .

• Dedicated swimming pool and gym for men and women.

• Multipurpose halls.

• CCTV security and central monitoring systems.

Introduction of profile

• Introduction and Information

• Project Employer and Executive: Mabna Engineering Co.

• Designer: Babak Ghoseiri

• Project Manager: Farshad Fereydouni

• Land Area: 15,000 Sqm.

• Floor Area: 78,000 Sqm.

• Number of Floors: 5

• Number of Units: 189

• Number of Parking Lots: 800

• Area of Lobby: 1,600 Sqm.

• Height of Lobby: 5 m

• Frame Type: Concrete

• Façade: Combined White Concrete

• Air-Conditioning System: Integrated Ducted Split Air Conditioning System

• Address: Mabna 11 Residential Complex, East 115th St., Shahrdari Blvd., Mehshahr, Karaj, Iran

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